Hello, my name is Genevieve de Vera.(Gen for short).  

Born in the Philippines. Raised overseas. Settled down in Northern Virginia. Married in 2014. Digital marketing for a living. Currently navigating the start-up world (my current 9-5) and decorating my new home. Lover of fashion and shopping all my life. 

When I'm out on retail therapy, some of the items I can't pass up are stud earrings and delicate jewelry (always in gold), pretty dresses and feminine details, cute notebooks (and basically anything at Marshalls or Home Goods - you too?!), nude shoes, a pop of color and clothes you want to live in (comfort is everything!). In life, my biggest drivers are my faith and my family and girlfriends -- they all inspire me to find beauty in all things and to trust in His plan always.

On Starting This Blog:
This passion project provides the opportunity to blend my love for shopping and putting outfits together, sharing finds, photography and curating content. The latter I've been fortunate to do for my whole career. My first gig out of college (go Wahoos!) was working as an editor and blogger for AOL Shopping, sharing and talking about the latest fashion trends, top gift ideas and best shopping deals. I worked on content that would drive people back to our blog and worked with retailers like Nordstrom and Sephora to select the best products to highlight on our site. The job was so much fun that I worked for the business for over 7 years-- it rarely felt like work and it was what spawned my interest and regard for content creation.

Even after AOL when I switched industries, I continued to create content in some kind of capacity, but I missed the days when I could write about the new trends and styles that were coming out or my favorite shopping buys. And so this blog is a way to bring some of that fun back. And honestly, I think I've always wanted to have a space where I could share my own personal style and fashion tips. At the recommendation of family and friends, I've thought about it more and more in recent years. Time and fear were always getting in the way, but I'm excited that I'm finally starting this adventure! I hope you'll follow along! 

What You Can Expect: 
I've always been about affordable, attainable style and having recently purchased a new home, budget finds are more important than ever these days. The clothes I buy are typically no more than $100 with most being under $50. I do love the occasional designer brand splurge and on certain items, I will pay more for quality, but for the most part, I enjoy finding the trends and styles of the season at reasonable prices more. 

My style is centered on fresh, effortless, everyday looks. I love clothes that are comfy, but still keep you dressy and stylish. I like classic, simple pieces, but also can't wait to try the newest styles. If there's a trend or look you'd like me to cover, I'd love to hear from you! Also make sure to follow me on Instagram (@styledbygen) for more doses of fashion inspiration! 

“Eat, pray, style, sleep”